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Artificial Sweeteners Are Not For Fat Loss

Artificial sweeteners are not for fat loss. There is a concept in Chinese Medicine that refers to the energetic impact that the flavor of food imparts. The ancient doctors called this the impact of the Five Sapors (Wu Wei), or flavors. This…

Acupuncture for Depression?

Acupuncture for Depression Depression is a huge problem. Did you know that in the United States doctors write over 150,000,000 prescriptions for anti-depressants each year? Drugs like Abilify, Pristiq, and Zyprexa net billions of dollars…

Pomegranate Juice Highlights Prostate Energetics

Pomegranate Juice Highlights Prostate Energetics In a recent post on Dr. Andrew Weil's blog he writes about new research into the chemical biomechanics of how pomegranate juice inhibits the progression of prostate cancer. What intrigued…

The Heart On Valentine's Day

Since it is Valentine's Day I thought it would be appropriate to write a post about the heart. In Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory the heart is closely related to a person's spirit and consciousness. It is also the source of the experience…

Icing Injuries - "Ice is for dead people"

Icing Injuries Shelby VanCleve recently blogged about the common use of ice for sports injuries. I have to say that I totally agree with her. Icing injuries may be helpful immediately after an injury when swelling can really flare, but after…

Acupuncture Points Explored

People often wonder how acupuncturists help people. What we do is located the acupuncture points. What is an acupuncture point? Acupuncture points are the places on the body where an acupuncturist typically places needles. They are also…

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“I came to Jon-Erik with a sports related rotator cuff issue. The problem was compounded with a looming competition the following weekend that I just could not miss. Having never tried acupuncture before I didn’t know what to expect, and was admittedly skeptical. He listened to me, and was incredibly gentle, and caring. The treatment was a bit scary for me, but he calmed my fears, and got me through it. On the drive home, I realized I had regained some movement in my shoulder, and by the next morning, I felt even better. I’m 100% convinced that Jon is very talented, and practically performed a miracle in the office. Thank-you!”

Stefan M.Morrisville, NC

“I have gotten my daughter back. Today was her 7th treatment and her improvement from debilitating migraines has been evident for 3 weeks now. I completely recommend him. He has done what traditional medicine couldn’t do.”

Nicki M.Durham, NC