Durham Acupuncture – The Balanced Being Acupuncture Clinic

We Are Durham’s Best Choice for Acupuncture

At Balanced Being Acupuncture we love helping people to achieve vibrant health. We use Classical Acupuncture to achieve optimal results without the use of any herbs. Our treatment plan is completely customized to you and your specific needs.

What is Classical Acupuncture?

Practitioners of Classical Chinese Medicine realize that disease can come in infinite forms and from countless causes. So rather than look to a standard book of treatments, we look to the science and strategies described in the Classics of Chinese Medicine. We realize that only through an understanding of the causes of health and disease can an individualized, drug and herb free treatment be designed.

Your Treatments

Treatments at Balanced Being Acupuncture are performed by classically trained Durham Acupuncturist, Jon-Erik Lido. Because everyone has a different need and a different prognosis, we can’t tell you how many treatments you’ll need and even if two people present with the same illness, their treatments might be different as well. Learn more about Jon-Erik by clicking here.

What Should You Expect?

You should expect to be comfortable. If this is your first time receiving acupuncture or you’ve been having acupuncture for years, you’ll be treated as an individual and we’ll respect your privacy, explain to you any questions you may have and most of all, you’ll feel comfortable. Curious about what to expect at your first visit? Lots of people are, so we’ve written pages so there are no surprises when you visit our Durham acupuncture clinic. We also have a frequently asked questions page.

Our Location

Our Durham Acupuncture clinic is conveniently located on Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard near Duke Forest in Durham, NC. For more information about this location or additional questions, please click here.


“I came to Jon-Erik with a sports related rotator cuff issue. The problem was compounded with a looming competition the following weekend that I just could not miss. Having never tried acupuncture before I didn’t know what to expect, and was admittedly skeptical. He listened to me, and was incredibly gentle, and caring. The treatment was a bit scary for me, but he calmed my fears, and got me through it. On the drive home, I realized I had regained some movement in my shoulder, and by the next morning, I felt even better. I’m 100% convinced that Jon is very talented, and practically performed a miracle in the office. Thank-you!”

Stefan M.Morrisville, NC

“I have gotten my daughter back. Today was her 7th treatment and her improvement from debilitating migraines has been evident for 3 weeks now. I completely recommend him. He has done what traditional medicine couldn’t do.”

Nicki M.Durham, NC