Where Does Acupuncture Come From?

Acupuncture comes to us from the foundation of Daoist (Taoist) philosophy that originated in China. Since Daoism is also a religion, this has led some people to ask me (and others) if acupuncture is compatible with their particular religious beliefs.

I am not a clergy member of any religion: I’m just an acupuncturist. As such I can not speak authoritatively for any particular religion. I can make some observations that I hope will put some people’s minds at ease, however.

Philosophy and Religion Are Different

The first observation is that while the foundation of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is Taoist philosophy, the foundation of “western medicine” is Greek philosophy. I have yet to hear of anyone concerned about going to a medical doctor and being asked to worship Zeus or other ancient Greek gods. Both the eastern and western systems of medicine have been secular for centuries. No particular belief systems are required.

People of All Faiths Get Acupuncture

The second observation is that acupuncture is practiced on billions of people around the world on (and by!) people of many different faiths. Even in China people of diverse faiths receive acupuncture.

As for my practice, I don’t ask my patients about their religion. Still, I am fairly certain I have treated people who were Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Quakers, and other religions. I also know for certain that I have treated Christian clergy members of different denominations. In the Durham area, many people have deep religious conviction which is a wonderful principle to live by. Acupuncture does not go against that ideology.

If you have doubts, ask your clergy member if acupuncture is okay. I think it is important that you feel comfortable with whatever health care you are receiving.

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