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An image of nerves of the nervous system, a posterior view.

Does Acupuncture Use Nerves?

Does acupuncture use nerves? Believe it or not, it's a very common question I get goes something like this, "Does acupuncture have something to do with nerves?" The short answer to this question is, "No. Not in the way you are probably thinking."…
Household toxins create an unhealthy living environment

Acupuncture for Anger and Frustration - The Liver and Hun

Acupuncture for Anger and Frustration - The Liver and Hun Road rage, unexplained bursts of anger, easily frustrated, pent-up, short-fuse... Chances are these words describe someone you know well. Perhaps these words even describe you. Why are…
Depressed woman - choosing acupuncture or drugs?

Acupuncture for Willpower - The Kidneys and Zhi

Acupuncture for Willpower - The Kidneys and Zhi Have you ever wondered, "Why can't I drag myself out of bed this morning?" Or perhaps there are things you know you should do (perhaps things that you really want to do) but you just can't seem…

Acupuncture for Sensitivity - The Lungs and Po

If you have ever noticed that some days you feel far more sensitive than others? You may find yourself easily irritated physically or emotionally. Other days you may even feel dull and numb, even for things that would normally excite, anger,…

Acupuncture for a Clear Mind - The Spleen and Yi

Acupuncture for a clear mind is not usually a way that people think about when then think about having acupuncture treatments. Imagine lying down for bed, but your brain won't seem to shut off. The more quiet you try to create in your mind…
Pomegranate for anti-cancer - illuminating acupuncture theory

Acupuncture for Mental Alertness- The Heart and Shen

Mental Alertness Have you ever been awake, but just not quite mentally there? Maybe someone noticed you being "spaced out". It's not that you were daydreaming so much as "nobody was home"- you weren't thinking of anything in particular. When…

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Household Toxins

Household toxins can be very dangerous. In fact, the air quality inside your home might be worse than the air quality outside your home. You may have heard that inside air is often more polluted than outside air. Air filtration companies…

Sleep Helps Weight Loss

Night time is the time of day when our bodies regenerate. For millenia the Chinese have known the importance of quality sleep in the regeneration of the "yin", or most substantive aspects of the body. Western medical research is starting to…

Ginseng and Green Tea - Poor Combination

In last week's blog post I wrote about how, despite is presence in so many products, ginseng is an inappropriate herb for many people. In fact it can cause problems. This is especially true for younger people on fatty western-style fast-food…

Dump the Ginseng!

Dump the Ginseng! Non-medicinal products containing ginseng abound in America. You can find: Sweet iced green tea with ginseng Multivitamins with ginseng B Vitamin complex with ginseng Energy drinks with ginseng Ginseng comes…

Insomnia: What to Avoid Before Bedtime

Insomnia - What to Avoid Before Bedtime Avoid insomnia for many reasons! I've written on the topic of sleep before, including some tips for sleep and insomnia before. There are many things that can be done to deal with insomnia besides medication.…

Cold and Flu Prevention Ideas

Cold and Flu Prevention Chris Lehmann at Eastern Sun Acupuncture (in MA) wrote a great blog post recently about Flu and Cold prevention. I've talked about this topic some in my newsletter, but since Chris had some great ideas that I didn't…

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“I came to Jon-Erik with a sports related rotator cuff issue. The problem was compounded with a looming competition the following weekend that I just could not miss. Having never tried acupuncture before I didn’t know what to expect, and was admittedly skeptical. He listened to me, and was incredibly gentle, and caring. The treatment was a bit scary for me, but he calmed my fears, and got me through it. On the drive home, I realized I had regained some movement in my shoulder, and by the next morning, I felt even better. I’m 100% convinced that Jon is very talented, and practically performed a miracle in the office. Thank-you!”

Stefan M.Morrisville, NC

“I have gotten my daughter back. Today was her 7th treatment and her improvement from debilitating migraines has been evident for 3 weeks now. I completely recommend him. He has done what traditional medicine couldn’t do.”

Nicki M.Durham, NC