These days we lead such high-stress, highly active, artificially illuminated lives that it should be no surprise that so many Americans are suffering with sleep problems. Even when we make lifestyle improvements and watch our caffeine intake a good night’s rest and an alert, energetic day can seem almost unattainable.

Hi, I’m Jon-Erik Lido, Licensed Acupuncturist and owner of Balanced Being Acupuncture. I help people find restful, uninterrupted, restorative sleep that provides them with energy, alertness, and clarity throughout the day.

Our bodies possess the ability synchronize with the rhythms of nature. Acupuncture provides a powerful way to re-balance the sleep/wake cycle to provide a restful night of sleep and a day full of energy and alertness. The controls for the body’s sleep/wake mechanism are accessible through acupuncture. In fact, acupuncture provides a way to synchronize the body’s internal clock to the external environment, no matter what time of day it happens to be. It even provides a way maintain and restore the “seat of the consciousness” so when we sleep we can do so deeply, without disturbing dreams or interruptions.

Let me help you find proper rest. How long have your sleep concerns been affecting your quality of life? How much longer do you it to hold you back?

People’s faces actually look different when they feel rested and alert. It is so rewarding to see that transformation. In fact, I chose this profession because I love helping people regain that lost vitality. I used to be the director of information technology at a software company. The work was fun and the salary was great, but now I get to directly improve people’s lives! I feel like nothing could beat the honor of helping people like this. That is why I’m so passionate about what I do, and it’s why I’m about to make you a great offer. I want you to feel great again.

Free Consultation

Let’s face it, you just can’t trust everything you read online. I want you to be 100% comfortable with the entire process. That’s why I’m also offering a free face-to-face consultation. We will sit down together and for a half-hour we will discuss your concerns and health history. When was the last time your medical doctor spent a half hour talking to you about your health? There are no obligations on your part, and you’ll get absolutely no pressure from me. I simply trust that you will really enjoy working with me and will want to try acupuncture. If I wasn’t confident of that I wouldn’t make this kind of offer. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

My office hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Wednesday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm

To sign up for a free, no obligation 30-minute consultation call 919-228-8448 or Click to Schedule Online. When booking your appointment online be sure to select “Free Consultation” as the type of appointment you are booking.

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