The Mind Body Connection

In the west when we speak of the mind-body connection we typically are considering it in a fairly limited way. We separate the concepts of mind from the concept of body as if they two were separate entities that communicate. We speak as if the mind and body require some sort of connection. Perhaps the mind communicates to the body through telegraph, or a system of interconnected tubes.

In the context of Chinese Medicine (and others) the mind and body are seen as different aspects of a single entity. There is no need to identify a connection between them because they are one. This is why some write “body-mind” or “bodymind” in deference to this notion.

The organs of the body create the aspects of the mind. Conversely the mind affects the functioning of the organs of the body. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture theory goes farther than this to identify the specific relationships between the body systems and various aspects of the mental state.

It is because of this that acupuncture provides such a powerful tool to tune and balance the “bodymind”. In future posts I will go in to more specific detail about these mind-body relationships and how they affect the state of your holistic health.

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