Play Healthy

What if becoming healthier and making healthy choices could be fun? What if it could become a game- like one with lots of great prizes! Sound fun? Well, welcome to the game!

Creating that very game was the vision of Sarah Taylor. She wanted to create something fun that would have lots of people engaged and making conscious healthy choices every day. So she created a game called A Little Healthy Competition. And boy has it taken off!

When I heard about the game it resonated with me. At Balanced Being Acupuncture empowering people to create health in their bodies is a big part of our mission. I consider it the biggest and most impactful part, actually. So I jumped in the game too.

Sarah has a blog for the game: The blog is where you can find how to play, sign up, healthy blog posts, health-related discounts for players, and links to all sorts of resources.

The game is already in progress. It’s fine to join late; I did so too too- no big deal. The game runs from 10/11 to 12/5. Hop on and play with us! See you in the game!

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