Conquering Stress

The topic of stress management has been coming up a lot for me lately. While it seems like everyone is stressed out, hardly anyone seems to be doing anything about it! That’s really been bothering me, because stress causes or exacerbates so many of the most deadly diseases in our society today.

As a society we have been successful in changing the dialog on tobacco and the incredible health risks it presents. The number of Americans who smoke has gone down dramatically over the last few decades. We’ve changed our behavior and the way we think about that health issue. So from that example I know that it’s possible to change the dialog on stress.

And we really need to, because one can make the case that stress is at least as dangerous to our health as smoking.

So, I’m writing an E-Book called Conquer Stress Now. I could sell this book for $39.97, promote it, and possibly make a bit of money. There’s a guy out there doing exactly that. That’s not what I’m going to do, though.

Subscribers to my newsletter are going to get this e-book on how to conquer stress for free. Yep, I’m giving it away. It’s just a thank you from me to you for being a newsletter subscriber and:

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In the meanwhile, be sure to check out this article about handling stress.

Are there any topics or concerns about stress you’d like to make sure I cover in the e-book? I’d really like to know. This is your book too. Please leave me your questions or thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Wjlfsieq
    Wjlfsieq says:

    Both beaver testicles and castoreum, a bitter-tasting secretion with a slightly fetid odor contained in the castor sacs of male or female beaver, have been articles of trade for use in traditional medicine.

    • Jon-Erik Lido
      Jon-Erik Lido says:

      Don’t forget wingless cockroaches too!

      Herbal formulas are powerful, but can have side-effects and interact with prescription drugs. The power of Classical Acupuncture is that it is a substance-free approach that can get great results most of the time without the need to resort to herbs or drugs. That’s why I’m so glad to be able to offer Classical Acupuncture in Durham.


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