Hangover Help

Happy 2011!

Did you wake up to the new year with a hangover? It can be a painful reminder that more isn’t always better. Well, what’s done is done. So how can we make the day less miserable?


Dehydration is a big cause of hangover pain. Lots of water is great help. I especially like coconut water to rehydrate.

Supposedly coconut water’s mineral content makes it a natural sports drink. (8oz is supposed to contain more potassium than a banana.) I don’t know how true that is, but it does seem to do something different for my body than just plain water.

Stomach Upset

For all sorts of temporary stomach upset a Chinese Herbal formula named Po Chai is my go-to. This is a very popular formula so you can find it in most Chinese / Asian grocery markets. It’s often kept behind the counter- just ask for it.

Po Chai comes in a vial full of mini pills. You take one or two vials all at once. You also may need to repeat the dose, so be sure to purchase at least 4 vials.

I keep some around my home just in case someone catches a stomach bug… or over-indulges in alcohol.

Have a fantastic New Year everyone!

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