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Green Tea

Medical researchers have had good evidence for the health benefits of green tea for quite some time now. Evidence for its ability to prevent cancer (and perhaps slow the progression of) through a high antioxidant content (through polyphenol compounds) has been supported by years of scientific studies.

Now a study published in the journal Phytomedicine is showing that green tea provides more health benefits than anyone suspected. In particular they show how it helped with the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

In this study what they found was that the body’s digestive enzymes created forms of these antioxidants that are more potent than the raw antioxidants originally present in the tea!

Feeling nerdy? Here’s the article in pubmed.

In my next acupuncture newsletter I’m going to talk about how green tea relates to a cancer-preventing lifestyle. I’ll also share what many women do in China that decreases their risk of breast cancer by an amazing 89%! You’re going to want to check this out, so sign up now so you won’t miss out.

Update: On the Dr. Weil blog I found a neat post called “5 Reasons to Drink Green Tea“. He lists five reasons to drink green tea besides its cancer fighting properties.

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  1. Greg Bryson
    Greg Bryson says:

    I stumbled on an interesting article about green tea recently. The author, a naturopathic physician, indicates it has positive benefits, but suggests there are some cautions. Although titled, “Research Review: Could Green Tea Actually Be Bad For YOU?” it only gives a couple references (which I haven’t read). The URL is

    The author concludes that “… if you have a diagnosed autoimmune condition, especially a Th2 dominance disorder, green tea might not be for you.” The article lists a number of conditions for which green tea might have undesirable effects. And, it also suggests some other compounds that might be useful for these conditions.

    • Jon-Erik Lido
      Jon-Erik Lido says:

      It’s an interesting article, Greg. Thanks a lot for sharing it. The good food / bad food dichotomy that the media loves to put forward is practically useless. In fact Henry C. Lu suggests that “Is this food good?” is a wrong question. Here’s where he talks about the idea of “Is this food good?” (I recommend his books, by the way.)

      Health is all about creating balance, so it doesn’t surprise me that for certain people green tea might be harmful. With so many people stressed out these days though, I think it’s important that people know what green tea can do to help improve their health. Meanwhile, let’s continue to educate about creating balanced in life and diet.


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