Pomegranate Juice Highlights Prostate Energetics In a recent post on Dr. Andrew Weil’s blog he writes about new research into the chemical biomechanics of how pomegranate juice inhibits the progression of prostate cancer. What intrigued me in these research findings is what it highlights about the relationships between the body’s systems. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture […]

Since it is Valentine’s Day I thought it would be appropriate to write a post about the heart. In Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory the heart is closely related to a person’s spirit and consciousness. It is also the source of the experience of joy in the mind and body. The heart is associated with […]

Sticking to Your Resolutions It’s February and I’m making resolutions. I’m an acupuncturist, so I could say that I’m working on the Chinese calendar. But the truth is that any time inspiration strikes is the time to make resolutions or declarations. There is a reason that I’m letting everyone know about mine. I’ll explain why […]

Ayurvedic Medicine Yesterday I was fortunate to get to sit in on a presentation by Reuben Schooler introducing ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine (or simply ayurveda) is an ancient Indian practice of medicine. Reuben is a practitioner of ayurvedic medicine, a yogi and registered yoga teacher, and a licensed massage therapist. Ayurveda is the only currently […]

Icing Injuries Shelby VanCleve recently blogged about the common use of ice for sports injuries. I have to say that I totally agree with her. Icing injuries may be helpful immediately after an injury when swelling can really flare, but after that point you are probably doing yourself more harm than good. When ice is […]