People often wonder how acupuncturists help people. What we do is located the acupuncture points. What is an acupuncture point? Acupuncture points are the places on the body where an acupuncturist typically places needles. They are also the same points used in acupressure. But just what are they? What is special about these places on […]

Food for Energy A neat blog I follow bodyhacker recently blogged about 7 Foods for an Energy Boost. Being married to Melissa, The Avocado Queen I am a huge fan of food, so I took particular interest in that post. I don’t always agree with what I read on bodyhacker (this article being no exception), […]

Medical researchers have had good evidence for the health benefits of green tea for quite some time now. Evidence for its ability to prevent cancer (and perhaps slow the progression of) through a high antioxidant content (through polyphenol compounds) has been supported by years of scientific studies. Now a study published in the journal Phytomedicine […]

Hangover Help Happy 2011! Did you wake up to the new year with a hangover? It can be a painful reminder that more isn’t always better. Well, what’s done is done. So how can we make the day less miserable? Rehydrate Dehydration is a big cause of hangover pain. Lots of water is great help. […]

Dharma Richards Just a quick note of congratulations to my friend and yoga teacher, Dharma Richards. She was the Grand Prize winner of Yoga Bear‘s “Cinemasana” contest. If you have a yoga practice, definitely check out Dharma Richard’s YouTube Channel, where she posts videos that will help you in your practice of asanas. She also […]